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Local developer experience (OneBox)

Aserto's authorizer is available as a docker container that you can run locally. This "all-in-one" version of the Aserto Authorizer is referred to as the OneBox.

The CLI provides a management experience over the OneBox.


The OneBox requires docker to be installed and running. To install Docker on a Mac or Linux system: brew install --cask docker

To get started with the OneBox, you can pull it down using the Aserto CLI.

Sign in to your Aserto account:

aserto login

The following command will pull down the latest aserto-one docker image.

aserto developer install

The next command will pull down the configuration for a policy that you've set up in the console, using the name you gave it (in the example below, peoplefinder).

aserto developer configure peoplefinder

The following command will docker run a local container with the peoplefinder policy configuration:

aserto developer start peoplefinder

You can use the next command to open a browser window that shows a local version of the console, to see what policies and users the local authorizer has. It also has a Rego playground and an API explorer that allow you to experiment with the Aserto authorization system.

aserto developer console  # will show you what the local authorizer is running

The next few commands help manage the aserto-one docker instance and image.

aserto developer status   # displays the running status of the authorizeraserto developer stop     # stops the authorizeraserto developer update   # updates the authorizer image to :latest