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Local developer experience (Sidecar)

Aserto's authorizer is available as a docker container that you can run locally. This "all-in-one" version of the Aserto Authorizer is referred to as the Sidecar.

The CLI provides a management experience over the Sidecar.


The Sidecar requires docker to be installed and running. To install Docker on a Mac or Linux system: brew install --cask docker

To get started with the Sidecar, you can pull it down using the Aserto CLI.

Sign in to your Aserto account:

aserto login

The following command will pull down the latest sidecar docker image.

aserto developer install

The next command will pull down the configuration for a policy that you've set up in the console, using the name you gave it (in the example below, peoplefinder).

aserto developer configure peoplefinder

The following command will docker run a local container with the peoplefinder policy configuration, writing the decision logs to /tmp/decision-logs:

aserto developer start peoplefinder --data-path=/tmp/decision-logs

The next few commands help manage the sidecar docker instance and image.

aserto developer status   # displays the running status of the authorizer
aserto developer stop # stops the authorizer
aserto developer update # updates the authorizer image to :latest

The Sidecar can be connected to the Aserto control plane. This enables additional functionality, including the ability to issue commands to the Sidecar remotely. To connect the Sidecar to the Aserto control plane see the edge authorizers section.