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Welcome to Aserto!

Aserto is a cloud-native authorization platform that allows developers to get out of the business of rolling out custom access control solutions, and instead focus on their core value proposition.

Aserto in 5 minutes

To experience Aserto in 5 minutes, try one of our Quickstarts.

Conceptual Overview

To learn more about Aserto's architecture and different moving parts, take a look at our architecture and read through our concepts.

Developer Documentation

To integrate Aserto into your application, we recommend you go through these topics:

  • Quickstarts: pick one of the quickstarts, clone the app, and look at how it integrates the Aserto SDK.
  • API Reference: reference docs for the Aserto Authorizer, Directory, and Decision Logs APIs.
  • REST APIs: executable docs for the Authorizer APIs, hosted in
  • SDKs: reference docs for the Aserto language SDKs.
  • Tutorials: step-by-step tutorials for integrating Aserto.

Management and Administration

To manage your Aserto tenant, check out these topcs:

Deployment Documentation

To learn about the deployment options available for the Authorizers and Control Plane, go here:

  • Local Deployment: a description of local deployment topologies.
  • Edge Authorizers: a guide for setting up Edge Authorizers that connect to the Aserto Control Plane.


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