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Aserto account

In order to use the CLI to manage your Aserto artifacts (policies, directory, connections), you need to have an Aserto account. If you don't have one yet, go to the console and sign up for an account.


Aserto is currently in private beta. You need an invitation to create an account. To obtain an invitation, please complete our sign-up form.

Signing in

aserto login

This command will open a browser window and allow you to authenticate with the Aserto identity provider. Once you have, Aserto will store your access token in your keychain, so that the CLI can cache your session.

Account information

aserto tenant get-account

This command returns the organizations the current account is registered with. It also returns the default tenant.

Signing out

To sign out of the CLI, and remove the access token from your operating system's keychain:

aserto logout