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Aserto manages connections to source code providers and identity providers.

To list the connections you've established, use the following command:


aserto tenant list-connections

There are two types of connections: system connections and user connections.

A system connection stores the connection between the tenant and other Aserto services, such as the policy registry and the hosted authorizer.

A user connection is one that the user has established between Aserto and one of their services. There are two types of user connections currently supported:

  • IDP (identity provider): this is a read-only connection between Aserto and an Identity Provider. Currently, Auth0 and Okta are supported.
  • SCC (source code control): this is a connection between Aserto and a source code control system. Currently, only GitHub is supported.

To display detailed information about a particular connection, type

aserto tenant get-connection <connection-id>

To verify that a connection is still operational (i.e. the token that Aserto holds is still valid), use the following command:

aserto tenant verify-connection <connection-id>

To discover the types of connections Aserto supports (known as Providers), use the following:

aserto tenant list-providers

To list the kinds of providers Aserto supports, type

aserto tenant list-provider-kinds

To get more detailed information about a provider, use the following command (using the ID that is listed in the list-providers results):

aserto tenant get-provider <provider-id>