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Interact with the Aserto Directory

Here are some commands that can get you started interacting with the Aserto directory. For a full listing, type aserto directory, or aserto d for short.

aserto d list-users          # list users in the directory
aserto d get-identity <key> # get the GUID associated with a user's identity key (e.g. email)
aserto d get-user <key> # get the full user object based on a GUID or a key

Loading users

You can load users into the Aserto directory either from an identity provider or from a file.

Identity Provider

To load users from an existing IDP connection, use the following command:

aserto d load-users --provider=auth0


To "side-load" users from a JSON file in our canonical user format, use this command:

aserto d load-users --provider=json file=peoplefinder.json

An example json file for the peoplefinder users can be found here.