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Interact with the Aserto Directory

Here are some commands that can get you started interacting with the Aserto directory. For a full listing, type aserto directory, or aserto ds for short.

Usage: aserto directory (ds) <command> [flags]

directory commands

directory (ds) check check permission
directory (ds) search search relation graph
directory (ds) get get object|relation|manifest
directory (ds) set set object|relation|manifest
directory (ds) delete delete object|relation|manifest
directory (ds) list list objects|relations
directory (ds) import import directory data
directory (ds) export export directory data
directory (ds) backup backup directory data
directory (ds) restore restore directory data
directory (ds) test execute directory assertions

-h, --help Show context-sensitive help.
-c, --config=STRING name or path of configuration file
-v, --verbosity Use to increase output verbosity.
--tenant=STRING tenant id override ($ASERTO_TENANT_ID)

As the Aserto CLI directory commands are based on the Topaz CLI, please see documentation available here