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Control Plane

Aserto Edge Authorizers can connect to the Aserto Control Plane to receive policy and directory updates and commands. Edge authorizers must use client certificates from Edge Authorizer connections to connect to the Control Plane.


The Aserto CLI can be used to configure certificates. The list-connections sub-command lists a tenant's existing Edge Authorizer connections:

aserto control-plane list-connections

Each of the listed connections has an id field, which can be used to retrieve certificate data, including the certificate and private key:

aserto control-plane client-cert <edge-authorizer-connection-id>

For more details on how to configure the certificate see the edge authorizers section of this documentation.


To list the Edge Authorizer instances connected to the Control Plane:

aserto control-plane list-instance-registrations

Each entry in the resulting list will have an id field, a policy-id field indicating what policy instance the edge is configured to run and a remote_host field which can be used to identify the individual edge instance. The value of the latter is the $HOSTNAME environment variable of the edge host, and will be overridden with the $ASERTO_HOSTNAME environment variable, if it exists.

The discovery sub-command causes an Edge Authorizer to immediately fetch configuration from the Control Plane.

aserto control-plane discovery <instance-registration-id>

The edge-dir-sync sub-command causes an Edge Authorizer to immediately synchronize its local directory state (if synchronization is enabled).

aserto control-plane edge-dir-sync <instance-registration-id>