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Decision Logs

Edge authorizers can be configured to generate and upload decision logs and they can buffer decision logs locally, providing resiliency to network issues, restarts and other problems. The uploads are protected by the same connection used to connect to the control plane.


To generate and upload decision logs from an Edge Authorizer:

  • It must be configured to connect to the Control Plane, and to upload decision logs. See the security and management section for configuration details.
  • The policy it loads must have decision logs enabled. See the decision logs guide for details on how to enable decision logs for a policy.


The resiliency of decision logging on an Edge Authorizer depends on the type of storage it is provided with to buffer. If only ephemeral storage is used, i.e. storage that disappears when the container is stopped, then it isn't possible to recover unsent decision logs upon restart. If persistent storage is provided, then upon restart, the Edge Authorizer will send unsent logs and re-send unacknowledged ones.

The store_directory configuration of the decision logger on the Edge Authorizer can be used to point at persistent storage that is mounted on the container, for example, using the docker run volume mount options, or, in a Kubernetes environment, by indicating the mount point of a persistent volume.

type: self
store_directory: <path mount point for decision logs buffer storate>
client_cert_path: <path to client cert>
client_key_path: <path to client key>
ack_wait_seconds: 30
Aserto-Tenant-Id: <TENANT-ID>
publish_timeout_seconds: 2