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Directory Overview

The Aserto Directory contains users, groups, relations, and permissions. You can also create your own object types, relation types, and permissions which match your applications "nouns" and "verbs".

First, let's cover interacting with users.

Viewing users

Users are seeded from identity providers. By default, your account is connected to the "Citadel" demo identity provider, which contains five users (Rick, Morty, Summer, Beth, and Jerry).

When you click on the Directory tab in the Navbar, you'll see the users that are in the Aserto Directory.


If you've created an organization, or disconnected the Citadel identity provider, you'll need to connect another IDP in order to see those users.

Viewing user details

When you click on a user (for example, Rick Sanchez), you'll see the user's details.


These include a JSON property bag, which contains any properties that were imported from the identity provider. You can also add your own application-specific properties to the user.

Modifying user properties

Add, edit, or remove properties from the JSON object, and click "Save" to save the changes to the Aserto Directory.

Next, we will cover relationships between users and other objects.