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Managing Edge Authorizers

The Aserto Console Authorizers tab tracks the Edge Authorizer connections, and within each of these connections, the connected instances.

Creating an Edge Authorizer connection

To connect a Topaz instance as an Edge Authorizer, follow the instructions on creating an Edge Authorizer connection.

Viewing registered instances

When Topaz is configured to connect to the Control Plane, it will make an mTLS connection and show up as a registered instance. Each Edge Authorizer connection may have one or more registered instances.

control plane registrations

Sending commands to instances

Two commands are available to send to connected Edge Authorizers:

  • Sync Policy Instance: this short-circuits the OPA Discovery timer and forces an immediate download of a policy image.
  • Sync Edge Directory: this short-circuits the Directory timer and forces an immediate sync of any new manifest or data in the Central Directory.

See the screenshot below on how to invoke these commands.

control plane commands

Sending commands via the CLI or API

To learn more about sending commands via the Control Plane, refer to the Control Plane Guide.