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rego_type_error: undefined function


When attempting to build a policy using the CLI, an undefined function build error occurs similar to the following:

policy build . -t glennblock/policy-rebac:1.0.0

build failed: failed to build opa policy bundle: 3 errors occurred:
content/src/policies/rebac.check.rego:14: rego_type_error: undefined function ds.check_relation
content/src/policies/rebac.check_permission.rego:13: rego_type_error: undefined function ds.check_permission
content/src/policies/rebac.check_relation.rego:13: rego_type_error: undefined function ds.check_relation


This error means that the policy CLI is unable to find the functions that the policy depends on. It usually occurs when the CLI is run out of a directory like the content directory, that does not contain the .manifest.


This can also occur if the rego code is referring to functions that do not exist or have been typed incorrectly.

To fix, either change to the directory (content/src) where the .manifest lives, or pass the directory as the directory argument: policy build content/src -t glennblock/policy-rebac:1:0.0