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Storage Objects

Decision logs storage object are CSV files. Each one contains the following columns:

  • decision_id: A unique id for the authorizer call that generated the decision. A call can generate more than one decision, so there can be multiple rows with the same decision_id value
  • decision_time: The UTC time when the decision call was executed by an authorizer
  • user_id: The ID of the user in the user context of the authorizer call
  • policy_id: The ID of the policy that was evaluated by the authorizer call
  • path: The policy path evaluated by the authorizer call
  • decision: The name of a decision evaluated by the authorizer call
  • outcome: The outcome, true or false, of the decision
  • resource: The resource context as passed to the authorizer call

Query results

Each result of the query and decisions APIs is a JSON object encoded as a string; once decoded, it has a structure similar to the following example:

"decision_id": "f506be2f-97d5-4d3d-93a1-91e7623038af",
"decision_time": "2022-02-03T19:05:10Z",
"tenant_id": "2e9d3de4-8517-11ec-b068-0054f4025d69",
"user": {
"id": "01d1e01e-bf53-419a-9762-17270b1a7328",
"email": ""
"path": "peoplefinder.GET.api.users.__id",
"decisions": {
"allowed": true,
"enabled": true,
"visible": true
"policy": {
"id": "dcba7cb8-8523-11ec-b00a-0154f4025d69",
"service": "",
"image": "sample/policy-peoplefinder-abac",
"tag": "latest",
"digest": "sha256:5b5dc2b1211682082f8c57f8bce4a7531f17017babf7b8dc90153f160de9744f"
"resource": {
"id": "06ae3442-d45c-4434-bcbc-8fffc563159c"