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The decisions API opens a WebSocket that receives decision events in near real time; events are typically no more than a minute old.


Create a new decision logs WebSocket

ws = new WebSocket("wss://<policy-id>",
"Basic", "<Decision-Logs-API-Key>",
"TenantID", "<Tenant-ID>"

The new WebSocket will receive decision logs for the specified policy. The second parameter is analogous to adding headers to an HTTP call that authenticates using the decision logs API key. Specifying an empty policy-id causes events for all policies in the tenant to appear in the stream.

Receiving decision log events

The onmessage handler is called for every decision that occurs using the policy specified when the WebSocket was created.

ws.onmessage = function(e) {

Buffered events

The Aserto Control Plane buffers decision events for usage by the WebSocket stream, at most 1000 of them. The since argument can be provided to control the oldest event that delivery should start from.

ws = new WebSocket("wss://<policy-id>?since=<start date-time>",

The value of since should be in RFC3339 format. For example: 2022-03-21T06:30:00Z.