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Read-eval-print loop (REPL)

The policy CLI gives you a read-eval-print loop experience over a tagged policy image. It uses the opa evaluator under the covers.

policy repl [<registry>/]<organization-name>/<repository-name>:<tag>

policy repl requires that you push your tagged image to an OCI-compliant registry. If you haven't yet, issue a policy push on your policy image.


$ policy repl ogazitt/peoplefinder:1.0.0

ref: ogazitt/peoplefinder:1.0.0

Pulled ref [ogazitt/peoplefinder:1.0.0].
digest: sha256:84dbd4e3b5572dd2f23c3c987c89443fdcb57af87d714ea296fc552192fb17e9
running policy [ogazitt/peoplefinder:1.0.0]
> data.system.bundles
"/Users/ogazitt/.policy/policies-root/blobs/sha256/84dbd4e3b5572dd2f23c3c987c89443fdcb57af87d714ea296fc552192fb17e9": {
"manifest": {
"revision": "",
"roots": [