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Sign in to a registry

Just like with docker login, the policy CLI requires you to sign in to an OCIv2-compliant registry.

  • To sign in to the Aserto Policy Registry (APCR), you'll have to retrieve your APCR API key. Head to the "Connections" tab, and click on "APCR":

    Click the "Copy" icon next to the "API Key" field.

    Then head back to the terminal::

    policy login -s -u <Aserto-Username> -p <APCR-API-Key>
  • To sign in to the registry, you'll need to create an OPCR account. After setting up an account, use the GitHub account you registered with, and a GitHub personal access token (PAT) as your password.


    You can create a GitHub PAT on this page.

    policy login -u <GitHub-account> -p <GitHub-PAT>


-u <GitHub-account>: specify the GitHub account as the OPCR user

-p <GitHub-PAT>: specify a GitHub personal access token (PAT) as the OPCR password

-s <registry-hostname>: specify the registry hostname

--password-stdin: read the password from stdin


echo $GITHUB_PAT | policy login -u ogazitt --password-stdin