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ObjectType represents the kinds of objects that can exist in the directory.

type ObjectType {
name: String!
isSubject: Boolean!
displayName: String!
ordinal: Int!
status: [Flag!]!
hash: Hash!
lifecycle: Lifecycle!
first: Int!
after: Cursor
): RelationTypeConnection!

Fields ● String! non-null scalar common

Name of the object type.

ObjectType.isSubject ● Boolean! non-null scalar common

Whether the object type represents a subject type.

ObjectType.displayName ● String! non-null scalar common

Friendly name of the object type.

ObjectType.ordinal ● Int! non-null scalar common

Sort order of the object type.

ObjectType.status ● [Flag!]! non-null enum common

A of flags that describe the status of the object type.

ObjectType.hash ● Hash! non-null scalar common

A hash value of object type's fields.

ObjectType.lifecycle ● Lifecycle! non-null object common

Metadata about the object type's lifecycle.

ObjectType.relationTypes ● RelationTypeConnection! non-null object relation-types

The types of relations that can be created with objects of this type.

ObjectType.relationTypes.first ● Int! non-null scalar common
ObjectType.relationTypes.after ● Cursor scalar common

Returned by

objectType query

Member of

Object object ● ObjectTypeConnection object ● RelationType object ● SetObjectTypeResult object