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Objects are the primary nodes in the directory graph.

They be associated with each other using Relations.

type Object {
id: ID!
type: ObjectType!
key: String!
displayName: String!
properties: Map!
hash: Hash!
lifecycle: Lifecycle!
side: RelationSide!
options: RelationOptions
first: Int!
after: Cursor
): RelationConnection!


id (ID!)

Unique identifier of the object.

type (ObjectType!)

The type of the object.

key (String!)

User-defined identifier for the object. Unique within an object type.

displayName (String!)

Optional display name for the object.

properties (Map!)

A JSON collection of arbitrary properties associated with the object.

hash (Hash!)

A hash value of object's fields.

lifecycle (Lifecycle!)

Metadata about the object's life cycle.

relations (RelationConnection!)

The relations this object has.

side: The object's side in the relation. "SOURCE" returns relations in which the object is the source, and "TARGET" returns relations in which the object is the target.