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Errors Reference Table

ErrorError CodeHTTP CodeMessageExplanation
E10000InternalStatusInternalServerErroran unknown error has occurredUnknown error ID. It's returned when the implementation has not returned another AsertoError.
E10001InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestno tenant id specifiedMeans no tenant id was found in the current context
E10002InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestinvalid tenant idMeans the tenant id is not valid
E10003InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestinvalid tenant nameMeans the tenant name doesn't conform to our tenant name rules
E10004InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestinvalid provider idMeans the provider ID is invalid
E10005InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestinvalid provider config nameMeans the provider config name doesn't exist
E10006UnavailableStatusTooEarlyruntime has not yet loadedThe asked-for runtime is not yet available, but will likely be in the future.
E10007FailedPreconditionStatusServiceUnavailableconnection verification failedMeans a connection failed to validate.
E10008UnavailableStatusServiceUnavailableconnection problemReturned when there's a problem retrieving a connection.
E10009UnavailableStatusServiceUnavailablefailed to retrieve github access tokenReturned when there's a problem getting a github access token.
E10010UnavailableStatusServiceUnavailablethere was an error interacting with the source code providerReturned when there's a problem communicating with an SCC provider such as Github.
E10011NotFoundStatusNotFoundconnection not foundMeans a provided connection ID was not found in the database.
E10012NotFoundStatusNotFoundaccount not foundReturned if an account id is not found in the database
E10013InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestinvalid account idReturned if an account id is not valid
E10014NotFoundStatusNotFoundpolicy not foundReturned if a policy id is not found in the database
E10015InternalStatusInternalServerErrorsystem connection problemReturned when there's a problem with one of the system connections
E10016InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestinvalid policy idReturned if a policy id is invalid
E10017UnavailableStatusInternalServerErrorconnection secret errorReturned when there's a problem with a connection's secret
E10018AlreadyExistsStatusConflictinvite already existsReturned when an invite for an email already exists
E10019AlreadyExistsStatusConflictinvite is expiredReturned when an invitation has expired
E10020AlreadyExistsStatusConflictalready a tenant memberMeans an existing member of a tenant was invited to join the same tenant
E10021PermissionDeniedStatusForbiddeninvite meant for another userReturned if an account tried to accept or decline the invite of another account
E10022AlreadyExistsStatusConflictrepo has already been connected to a policyReturned if an SCC repository has already been referenced in a policy
E10023UnavailableStatusServiceUnavailablefailed to setup repo secretReturned if there was a problem setting up a Github secret
E10024UnavailableStatusServiceUnavailablefailed to setup userReturned if there was a problem setting up an Auth0 user
E10025InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestinvalid email addressReturned if an invalid email address was used
E10026InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestinvalid auth0 IDReturned if a string doesn't look like an auth0 ID
E10027AlreadyExistsStatusConflictinvite has already been acceptedReturned when an invitation has been accepted
E10028AlreadyExistsStatusConflictinvite has already been declinedReturned when an invitation has been declined
E10029AlreadyExistsStatusConflictinvite has been canceledReturned when an invitation has been canceled
E10030InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestverification failedReturned when a provider verification call has failed
E10031AlreadyExistsStatusConflictalready has an accountMeans an account already exists for the specified user
E10032PermissionDeniedStatusForbiddennot allowedReturned when a user is not allowed to perform an operation
E10033PermissionDeniedStatusForbiddenlast owner of the tenantReturned when trying to delete the last owner of a tenant
E10034DeadlineExceededStatusRequestTimeouttimeout after multiple retriesReturned when an operation timed out after multiple retries
E10035InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestID fields have to be stringsReturned when a field is marked as an ID, and it's not a string
E10036InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestinvalid ID typeReturned when an ID is not correct
E10037FailedPreconditionStatusBadRequestentity is not emptyReturned when trying to delete an entity that still has dependents
E10038FailedPreconditionStatusUnauthorizedauthentication failedReturned when authentication has failed or is not possible
E10039InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestinvalid argumentReturned when a given parameter is incorrect (wrong format, value or type)
E10040InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestreadonlyReturned when the caller is trying to update a readonly value
E10041InvalidArgumentStatusConflictpolicy name already existsReturned when the caller tries to create or update a policy with a name that already exists
E10042InvalidArgumentStatusConflictconnection name already existsReturned when the caller tries to create or update a connection with a name that already exists
E10043NotFoundStatusNotFoundmodule not foundReturned if a module is not found
E10044NotFoundStatusNotFounduser not foundReturn if a user is not found
E10045AlreadyExistsStatusConflictuser already existsReturn if a user already exists
E10046PermissionDeniedStatusUnauthorizedauthorization failedReturned when authorization has failed or is not possible
E10047InvalidArgumentStatusBadRequestinvalid queryReturned when a runtime query has an error
E10048FailedPreconditionStatusBadRequestquery failedReturned when a runtime query has an error