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PeopleFinder Quickstart


This guide will take you through the process of creating your first policy and using it from a demo application called PeopleFinder.

At the end of the process, you will have the following:

  • A free Aserto account
  • A free tenant associated with the account
  • A connection to your Source Code Control provider (in our examples, GitHub), so Aserto can help you create Policy bundles from policies stored in a policy repository
  • A connection to your Identity Provider (in our examples, Auth0), so that Aserto can sync your users into its directory
  • An Authorizer API key, which allows your application to talk to the Aserto hosted authorizer
  • Our sample application, PeopleFinder, cloned to your GitHub account
  • Your own copy of the policy repository associated with that sample application, policy-peoplefinder, in your GitHub account
  • A live version of PeopleFinder deployed to your Netlify account, which uses authorization policy that comes directly from your policy-peoplefinder policy repo
  • The Aserto CLI that allows you to manage the Aserto tenant and your local developer experience
  • A local developer experience (OneBox), which allows you to run a local copy of the authorizer in a docker container

Please allow about 30 minutes to have it all working end-to-end.