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Connect Auth0 as an identity provider

Aserto needs to connect to one or more identity providers as the source of user attributes and roles.

As we mentioned, the PeopleFinder sample uses Auth0 as its identity provider, and so we will connect Aserto to your Auth0 tenant.

Auth0 machine-to-machine application#

In the last section, you imported a set of test users into Auth0 using a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Application. We're going to use the same Domain, Client ID, and Client Secret values to connect Aserto to Auth0.

Auth0 M2M application


Ensure that the M2M application is authorized to call the Auth0 management API:

Auth0 M2M application


Ensure the scopes that are authorized include at least read:users so that Aserto can read your users.

Auth0 M2M scopes

Connect Aserto to your Auth0 tenant#

Click on the “Connections” Navbar tab to see your connections.


Click on the “Add a connection” button and select "auth0" as the provider type. You will be prompted to enter connection parameters:

Copy the Domain, Client ID, and Client Secret from the Auth0 UI into the Aserto UI.

When you click the "Add connection" button, Aserto will display the new connection, and start streaming your Auth0 tenant users into the Aserto directory.

connections with auth0

Exploring Users#

Once you’ve connected your Auth0 tenant as an Identity Provider and loaded test users, you should be able to click the Users tab in the Navbar and see your users stream in using the Directory browser.


Loading users from the Identity Provider into the Aserto Directory is an asynchronous task. If you don't see all your users, you may need to reload the user list using the refresh button.