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Register to OPCR

In order to register policy images with Open Container Registry, using the policy CLI, you'll have to create an OPCR account.

Create an account

Click the Sign in button in the top right of the navbar, or go to, and create an account with your GitHub account. This will trigger GitHub's OAuth2 flow.



Since OPCR uses GitHub as its identity provider, your account will be named after your GitHub account.


Much like with GitHub or Docker, an organization name provides the first part of a two-part name for a policy repository. For example, if your organization is named foo, you are able to create a repository named foo/bar.

Naming your personal organization

The first time through, you will be asked to name your organization. You can use your GitHub account name, or choose a different organization name that is unused, and passes the account naming conventions (4 or more characters, no profanity).


Choose your organization name carefully - you cannot change it later.

register organization


Currently, only personal organizations are supported. In the future, you'll be able to create organizations that have multiple members, similar to GitHub and Docker.

Repositories and Images

Repositories live under organizations.

Policy repositories

A policy repository is identified using a two-part naming scheme: org-name/repo-name.

Policy images

A policy image is identified using a three-part naming scheme: org-name/repo-name:tag.


Just like with docker images, if the tag is omitted, it will default to :latest.