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Managing Connections

The Aserto Control Plane manages connections to external systems that are the source of Aserto artifacts.

Click on the “Connections” Navbar tab to see your connections.


Connection types#

The Console currently supports two connection types - Identity Providers and Source Code Control systems. In addition, Aserto manages system connections to the Aserto Registry and to the multi-tenant Aserto Authorizer for each tenant.

Connecting an Identity Provider#

Aserto needs to connect to one or more identity providers as the source of user attributes and roles.


Currently Aserto supports Auth0 as an identity provider. More are on the way!

Click on the “Add a connection” button. You will be prompted to enter connection parameters:

Name your connection, and copy the Domain, Client ID, and Client Secret from the Auth0 UI into the Aserto UI.


The Auth0 application must be a machine-to-machine (M2M) application.


For more detailed instructions, refer to the Connect IDP topic in the Getting Started documentation.

When you click the Connect button, Aserto will start streaming your Auth0 tenant users into the Aserto directory.

Connecting a Source Code provider#


Currently Aserto supports GitHub as a source code provider. More are on the way!

Connecting GitHub using the OAuth2 flow#

To connect to GitHub using an OAuth2 flow, click on the "Add a connection" button and select "github". Name your connection (for example, github-<account-name>), and click "Add connection". Once you've completed the OAuth2 consent flow, your source code provider should show as connected.

connections with github

Connecting GitHub using a PAT#

To connect to GitHub using a Personal Access Token (PAT), you need to create a PAT in the GitHub UI by clicking the "Generate new token" button. Ensure that the selected scopes include at least public_repo, read:org, read:user, and read:email so that the Aserto Console has access to the required profile and repository information.

github pat

Once you've done that, switch back to the Aserto Console. Click on the "Add a connection" button and select "github-pat". Name your connection, copy the PAT value and paste it into the "GitHub Personal Access Token" field, and click "Add connection".

Editing or removing a connection#

Click the "..." handle on the right side of a connection entry, and select "Edit connection info..." or "Remove".

edit or remove connection